The Travel Accessory You Need

The Travel Accessory You Need


The Perfect Adventure Accessory

An absolute must for the adventurous at heart



by Adventurebys on Feb. 12. 2021

You've seen influencers on instagram in stunning landscapes all around the world and now you are starting to notice many of them wear hats as they travel. Well this is because hats provide a huge help as they go along their adventures. From protection from the elements, covering up messy hair or creating beautiful photos, there is so much a hat can offer.

Hats are not only made for those traveling influencers but are needed for everyone who loves adventure. If you're still not sure if a hat is for you keep on reading to find out.



Travel hair

You know that moment when you wake up at 4am to catch that morning flight with barely any time to brush a brush through your hair let alone look decent. You make it to the airport looking like you just crawled out of bed and honestly you love it. Your plane touches down and it marks the start of your adventure. You get out of the airport and you want to take some photos! But when you release your hair is flat, oily and looks like a rats nest? Well that's when your adventure hat is there to save you.Your hat covers all that morning rush making you look all done up in a second. Now no matter the condition of your hair you're always ready to look your best.

Travel Photos

Now it's the next day and the first day of adventures in this new place! You managed to get your hair in order this time and go out for a day of exploring. As your day progresses you're taking a hike through the most beautiful landscapes. You find this gorgeous view and want to take photos worthy of your instagram page. You start taking some and realise your outfit looks so out of place. You're dressed like you always do back home in your city so now being out in nature something just doesn't fit. You then pull out your adventure hat, put it on and just like that you look 10x more natural with it on. This might sound crazy but it really does work! The design of the hat makes you look adventurous no matter what. Now you end up keeping it on for the whole duration of your trip since you love the look so much.



After your trip is over, you get back home, hang your hat on the wall and go about your life. As time passes you stop thinking about your trip as life is busy. One day you walk by your hat, pick it up and you're brought back to that time you wore your hat on your vacation. You start remembering all your memories made from that trip and all the adventures you went on. You then become inspired, you put on the hat and decide your going to live everyday as an adventure. As years go by you make thousands of memories and your hat forever reminds you of all your craziest adventures.



So if you don't have an adventure hat yet and want to start remembering your adventures in a unique way personal to you, I suggest you consider a hat. It will be one thing that becomes most dearest to you, that you could one day pass on to someone you love so they can start making memories with your adventure hat too. 




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