About Us


Get to know us a little better.


Adventurebys is a female owned unisex flat brim hat store based out of Alberta, Canada that promotes a life of adventure. Our bohemian style adventure hats hold all your travel memories within when you take them on your adventures. The best souvenir of all your adventures that is also practical. Our flat brim hats are made with high quality and love, protecting you from all the elements: rain, sun, and snow.

Our hats are also the perfect piece to every outfit. You had a long day of travel or going out to take travel photos, our hats are here to save the day.  Our adventure hats are a must have for any adventure/travel loving people out there!

Adventurebys was founded by a traveler who realized how much meaning these hats hold. After taking her hat on adventures around the world it became a way back into the memories of all the her past adventures. Just as they give you sentimental value, they also provide practicality. They keep you protected from the elements so you only have to worry about not missing out on your adventure. The hats become a part of you, reminding you of all the crazy adventures you ended up on and will go on in the future. They inspire you to get out there and live a life of adventure. 

Who Is the S in Adventurebys?

The "S" in our company's name represents our founder Solana. As an adventure enthusiast who loves to travel, she felt the need for a product that will constantly remind you to get out and live your life like its one big adventure. Her hat has accompanied her on some of her greatest adventures. Through them all she realized her adventure hat was one of her most valued accessories to take on her adventures. 

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