Fitting your hat to your head

Securing Your Hat

Heads come in all different shapes and sizes, so we tried our best to create our hats to be the same. Our hats come in sizes 52-54cm, 56-58cm & 59-61cm depending on the hat. This is the circumference of your head and to measure, simply wrap a measuring tape around the whole circumference of your head.  Please keep this in mind when ordering your hat as you wont be able to adjust the hat to make it larger.

How to properly secure your hat to your head.

We know wind and hats don't mix so well especially when you're out on your adventures. We have come up two methods in personalizing your hat size to your head, securing your adventure hat in any situation.

Method 1

1. Get your adventure hat

2. Find the two strings under the flap of the hat 

3. Evenly and gently pull the two strings to your ideal tightness. This might take a few tries to get the correct size.

4. Tie a bow to secure it in place. We recommend a bow or any knot that you will be able to undo again. 

Method 2

This method is the most secure option if you are worried about your hat flying away with the wind.

1. Fold the band around the hat upwards on all sides. You can leave the knot in the hat or undo it depending on the tightness you're going for.

It will look something like this

3. Place the hat on your head making sure the band is facing downwards on your head on all sides of the hat. Once on, you can tuck the band into the hat to your liking if you want it to remain invisible.