Adventure Hat 101

Is my hat weatherproof?


Waterproof? Yes. Our hats have saved us so many times in the mountains where it downpours on a sunny day without warning. The wide brim feature of the hat keeps not only your head dry but will keep most of you dry. The wide brim sticking out on all sides keeps your shoulders and anything under it dry. 

Wind Proof? Yes. Each one of our hats come with an inside band you can flip over to secure it tightly on your head. You wont be looking for your hat on the other side of the world on a windy day.


Can I clean my hat?


Yes! Spot clean your hat using a damp cloth and warm water. 

Got lint from your clothes stuck to your hat? No worries! Use a lint roller or a soft-bristled brush to remove hair and dust. 


How do I secure my hat to my head?

We have two methods that allow you to secure your hat! You can check them out by clicking here




How do I store my hat?


There are many ways to store your hat, our favourites are: on a shelf or hanging on a wall. 

When storing on a shelf, we recommend that you flip it over on the top of the hat and not on the flat brim. This protects the hat from deforming from the weight of the top of the hat.

If you prefer showing off your hats on the wall like we do, simply put a thumb tack or nail on your wall and hang up your hat. You can create a pretty wall of hats.

Finally, a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight is the best place for your hat.